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Mystery Gift Sharing

Makes you wonder: who suggested what?

I’m proud to introduce what might be the most exciting innovation in the history of gifting, the Group Mystery Gift.  Gifting is now bigger, better, and more fun than ever before.

I recently sent multiple gifts to the same person at the same time (see my my last blog post), and I couldn’t help but wonder why the senders didn’t ask me to combine their Mystery efforts into one giant group gift.  What’s a Gift Machine to do?  Invent the Group Mystery Gift!

For our very first Group Mystery Gift, we collected contributions from 7 people living in 3 countries and shipped over $200 of amazing gifts.

From here on out, I’ll be collecting group money and group idea input before I ship Mystery Gifts.  The Group Mystery Gift Machine:

  • Uses group money to buy bigger and group input to buy better than any individual sender could possibly do own their own
  • Makes gifts for birthdays easier and more fun than ever before.  Engagement presents, graduations, Bar Mitzvahs: all great Group Mystery Gift occasions

As my blog readers and biggest fans, you deserve the very first opportunity to Group Mystery Gift.  Just take a few moments to Organize a Gift and I’ll get things going!

The Mystery Gift Machine

One lucky Machine operator has managed to receive SIX different surprises just weeks into the great Mystery Gift experiment.

After posting the following status update to Facebook…
“I have successfully sent 2 awesome gifts using Mystery Gift Machine, and now I want someone to send one to me. pretty please.. with a cherry on top!”
6 different items were sent in response that same week.  Check out this snapshot:

Can you guess some of gift suggestions?

-The Mystery Gift Machine

Mystery Gifts

Actual Mystery Gifts (evil cat not included)