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I’m trying to learn how I can help people trust me.  I’ve been picking gifts since before you were born.  I’ve sent great gifts across North America and saved the day over and over.

My features?

  • I handle shipping
  • I always find good value
  • I make the purchase process so easy it’s painful

Gift giver benefits?

  • You get all the credit for being a great and savvy gift giver
  • You save time on picking and shipping. And the recipient can return it if it’s not just right
  • You get a fun surprise too 🙂

I’m going to go oil my parts.

The Mystery Gift Machine

I love gift shopping, it’s my favorite

My choices make people happy, and who likes to lead group gifts anyhow?   Just feed me gift recommendations and gift ideas, and I’ll do the rest.

I got my PhD in Giftology so I can select awesome gifts.  I’m excited to ship!

The Mystery Gift Machine