Giving gifts should be easy and fun.  Here are 7 ways you can team up with friends to deliver better gifts more easily:

  1. Group contributions together with friends and enable bigger and better gifts.
  2. Get lots of people to suggest unique gift ideas and unleash brainstorm power!
  3. Get someone (or something!) to guarantee the gift will be awesome.
  4. Have a middleman manage money and scale the gift purchase according to whatever people pitch in.
  5. Find a specialist in group gift buying.  Ideally a PhD in Giftology, if you can find one.
  6. Let an expert pick the gift, manage shipping, and save yourself time.
  7. Have fun and try unique gift experiences.

If you already do all of these things, you must be superhuman.  If not, be one of the first, the proud, the enlightened.  Feed me!

The Mystery Gift Machine

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Image: renjith krishnan /

Image: renjith krishnan /