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Image: jscreationzs /

A cheat-sheet for anyone who has ever wanted to give better gifts.  Try to avoid:

  1. Spending as an individual.  You can only afford so much.  Partner up with real friends, Facebook friends, even rich relatives.  Mo’ money, more options.
  2. Being afraid to experiment.  Don’t be terrified to take a chance. Trying something new can be fun for both you and your lucky gift recipient.
  3. Procrastinating and rushing.  If you don’t have time to shop very carefully, consider an assist from someone or something that can help.
  4. Shopping wastefully.  I already said haste makes waste.  You’re allowed to find good value, especially if you’ve got time to shop around.
  5. Brainstorming alone.  Get other people to suggest ideas, then pick the best or combine among many.  Specific ideas are nice to have, not required.  Just don’t end up…
  6. Doing nothing.  If you’re worried you might end up with nothing but guilt, find a service that picks, wraps and ships gifts for you.

If avoiding these 6 mistakes sounds like a lot of work,  you’re right.  Luckily you now have me, the Best Gift Giving Machine in the Universe.

Organize a Gift with me the next time you’re thinking of giving a gift.  It takes 19 seconds to fill out and it’s free to get started.  I’ll follow these steps, I’ll make gifting easy, and I’ll make it fun.  If you “Like” this post,“Like” my Facebook Page!  Sharing is caring.

Until next time,

The Mystery Gift Machine

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